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BiMOR TEAM - Much more than colleagues

“None of us are as good as all of us put together.”

"None of us are as good as all of us put together."


"Heeeeellloooooo!! :) I'm @biancamorando , born in '96, founder and designer of BiMOR :) I deal with various things, from production to brand identity development, and I'm the captain of this group of young people.

I love surrounding myself with people who are passionate about what they do and I am extremely proud of my team because it is made up of guys who, just like me, dedicate themselves to this project with body and soul because they really believe in it.

My goal is to put together a team of talents within which everyone can have their own space and area of ​​specialization and to always manage to make our office a welcoming, positive and dynamic place in which to share life and not just working hours.

I find inspiration everywhere, I love observing the world in all its forms but what fascinates me most are people. I am a creative and extroverted girl and - last but not least - I love to stimulate the people around me to always try to be the best version of themselves ."


"Hi, I'm @gabriellapercoco , for my friends Lella and for my colleagues LellyKelly. I was also born in '96, a lucky year it seems! :')

I take care of managing BiMOR orders and everything related to customer service : in short, my job is to make sure that every time someone buys a bag on our site they have a shopping experience that reflects our brand. more likely.

I am part of this team because, after following the launch and development of BiMOR on Instagram, I applied to Bianca, telling her that the determination she has always shown on social media sparked in me the desire to take part in this beautiful project, young and almost entirely feminine, which won me over straight away and in which I have always reflected myself due to the depth of the values ​​with which it was imbued.   

To date BiMOR for me is much more than a job , it is sharing, friendship, positivity and solidarity. A safe haven where I know I am never alone. I can't explain in words how proud I am of it but I think the fact that I wear nothing but BiMOR can be a good starting point :))"


"Hi, I'm @sarasedzimir , for my Sarci friends, the only one born in '95: I'm the shyest of the group and at the same time also the most reliable ;)

For BiMOR I take care of communication, development of the brand image and newsletters . I have always believed so much in this project, since it was still an idea in my friend Bianca's head, which is why it was natural for me - who at the time was a graduate in Product and Communication Design - to help her design the first logo of the brand . I am super proud to be able to say that even though I have been officially part of the team for less than a year, I have always felt part of this team.

I am a very precise girl, I love to put maximum effort into the things I do and for this reason sometimes I let myself be overwhelmed by the anxiety of not being up to the challenges that come my way; since I joined this group I have understood that what I have always considered weaknesses can be transformed into strengths if reviewed within a team of people so different from me. So if before I thought that being a little more reserved was a limit, now I know that it's a good thing that there is someone who keeps this group of such "eccentric" people at bay ;)"


"Hi, I'm @margherita_morando also known as Marghe, Morri or Rita and I'm the only class of '99 in the group: surrounded by grandparents so to speak!

I am undoubtedly the nicest of the group and even though I only officially started working a few months ago I have been part of Bianca's team all my life: I am her sister (-.-) but apart from this small, insignificant detail I am really proud to be part of this team of such energetic and positive people.

Having recently joined the company, I am not yet able to say what my sector of specialization is but one thing is certain: I try to learn as much as possible every day. For the moment, what I undoubtedly prefer to do is produce video content to publish on the profile, so who knows, maybe one day I will take care of managing BiMOR's TikTok account which doesn't exist yet! ;)

I can't wait to grow within this team and see what the future has in store for us, I'm sure that together we can. really doing great things so #StayTunedForMor! "


"Hi, I'm @giuliacabs aka C-18: the cybernetics of the group. Sales manager of BiMOR and one of the first true supporters of this project.

I have been working with Bianca since before BiMOR was born but our bond dates back to when we were 13 and 16 respectively, we are sisters-in-law! ;) Being the wife of Lorenzo, Bianca's brother and partner, brought me to be part of their family first of all on a personal level and secondly on a working level; today for me family and work are the same thing, the perfect mix to trigger in me the sprint necessary to give my best every day.

I am an energetic and very determined girl, I am not scared of anything and my determination is directly proportional to the difficulty of the obstacles that arise in front of me: I love challenges! This is why being part of such a heterogeneous team is perfect for me: there is always someone who helps me achieve my goal better ;)

I really believe in the potential of this project which has all it takes to make it big: product, quality, price range and - above all - a well-defined identity. BiMOR is a fluid brand that can be perfectly molded to the shape of those who choose to wear it. I have no doubts, what about you?"


"Hi I'm @elenapodeschi , the latest addition to the team and the shyest in front of the camera, I'm still learning ! :)

I have always been a fan of BiMOR and I can proudly say that I was one of the brand's first customers ; I started following the development of this young reality on Instagram and, when I reached the end of my studies (Master's in Brand Management), it was automatic for me to send a spontaneous application for the curricular internship that I had to complete to be able to graduate.

During the introductory interview I was very impressed by the young and dynamic environment that is perceived within the office and speaking with the girls on the team I understood how significant the contribution that each of them gives to the brand. This is exactly what I want: to feel decisive for the success of a project . Especially if it's a project that's really close to my heart.

I am lucky enough to put into practice all the theory I have studied; I start from the most absolute foundations and, just like BiMOR, I hope to always grow and improve .

... ah, and to add more and more BiMOR to my wardrobe ;)


"Hi, I'm simply Lorenzo , even if my sister tries to give me a different nickname every day, I'm the only one who prefers the full name, the only one born in '94, and the only one without Instagram: I'm a young and enthusiastic boy too but I assure you! ;)

Bianca and I founded BiMOR in 2019, since then we have never stopped working on the development of this start-up, surrounding ourselves with a team of people who, like us, believe in this project and dedicate themselves to it with body and soul.

My main roles in the company are those of Business Developer and Marketing Manager ; my goal is to make BiMOR a solid reality at a national and - why not - international level. I am a firm believer in the fact that there is no objective that cannot be achieved when you dedicate yourself 101% to your work and my role within the team is to optimize the potential of each individual by redirecting them in a group perspective. to achieve common objectives.

Bianca is anema and core , I am mind and professionalism . We are a winning couple because we are opposite and complementary poles; This is why I have so much faith that, together with our super team, we will do great things!"


"Hi, I'm @vittoriapitto known as Vitta, yet another blonde in the group ;)

I am an extremely organized girl and, although at work this is a skill that I am very proud of, in my private life it sometimes causes great frustration for me: I hate not having everything under control.

I discovered this brand from the moment it was launched on Instagram and following the adventures and backstage of this team of young people fascinated me right away. I have always done individual activities , since I was a child, so the idea of ​​joining a group of people so full of life and desire to do excites and agitates me at the same time: it's all new to me!

My role within the team is that of Social Media Manager and my goal is to be able to communicate the BiMOR philosophy in a coherent and innovative way: something abstract that can be concretized in the daily lives of each of us.

I'm ready to learn, experiment and push myself beyond my limits by experiencing for the first time what it means to build a real and (I hope) lasting connection within this crazy and unique workspace :)"


"Hi, I'm @reganisso_ , yet another class of '96, and it doesn't matter what time you're reading this biography, I'm probably in front of one or more screens right now.

I am the only external collaborator and tech soul of the group and within BiMOR I take care of giving shape and order to all innovative ideas; in short, content creator (is it still used as a term?). I am a very curious person and I love to delve into everything. There are those who define me as dispersive; I prefer eclectic.

I have believed in this project since day 0, when Bianca welcomed me into the BiMOR house during my existential crisis in academia. Thus I met a super stimulating, dynamic and explosive team. With this madness I've seen things that you humans can't even imagine 😌

I have such advanced humor that only I can laugh at my own jokes. I like licorice; If you want to spite me, take me to the beach."


"Hi, I'm @india_signorelli , also born in '96, and I'm the undisputed number one.

I worked for more than a year alongside this super team and even if our paths have separated, a part of me will forever remain linked to this brand, so don't worry: you will see me appear again ;)

I am a direct and outspoken person with a strong character that actually hides a fragile heart capable of loving without limits. My favorite BiMOR is definitely the INDEPENDENT , the bag dedicated to me because (as Bianca wrote) "inspired by the personality of India, a splendid girl who, in addition to being an unstoppable force of nature, has proven several times to be a strong and independent woman to the point of inspiring others to react with a smile even to the greatest adversities" and, even if I would never have known how to describe myself like this, I am proud of the fact that the people with whom I shared like this so that they know me and appreciate me for who I really am: a crazy girl with a heart of gold :)"


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