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Coupons and Promotional Codes


BiMOR coupons and promotional codes are available exclusively on the website.

The use of coupons and promotional codes is regulated as follows:

Coupons and promotional codes are valid for one person only and can be used in the ways and times indicated upon receipt of the same and according to the regulations indicated on the website. Coupons and promotional codes may be limited to the purchase of certain items. This limitation, if present, will be made known on the website and at the time of delivery/receipt of coupons and promotional codes. In the case of paper coupons or promotional codes, these limitations will be indicated on them.

In some cases and when specified, coupons and promotional codes can be associated with a specific email address and therefore valid when linked to it

If indicated, coupons and promotional codes must be redeemed by any expiration date indicated. If the use of the coupons and promotional codes does not take place within the expiry date indicated, the User cannot make any claims in this regard and will lose the possibility of using the coupons and promotional codes. This rule does not apply if no expiry date has been indicated.

In case of use of coupons and promotional codes for services other than those proposed in the initial offer, the User will not be entitled to any credit and/or refund and/or compensation if there is a difference between the original value of the offer and the value of the amount redeemed.

The Gift Card cannot be combined with other discount codes. reserves the right to refuse orders placed through the use of Coupons that show signs of duplication or fraudulent use.